Service with the protestant Alliance in April 2012 - written by Pastor Pia Sundbøll

The service was called a Taize service - inspired by the Christian monastery in Taize. What is Taize? In France, near Lyon there is a Christian community in the small town of Taize. Thousands of young people from all over the world come to this place every year. They live in tents or in the primitive houses of the community and participate in the services several times during the day. What is it that they find there - all these young people? They find silence, prayer and meditation and then they sing the short songs again and again. The songs are known throughout the world. They are based on one simple phase, sung over and over again. Expressing a basic reality, the phase is grasped by the intelligence and then little by little interiorized by the entire person

Joy and meditation - in our service we sang some of the songs from Taize. And we heard a letter about joy. Every 4th months young people from all over the world write what is called : letters from Taize . They write about their refleksions on certain issues e.g. joy. Later, read in three languages, we heard the words from Ephesians, 5,20 "Sing hymns and psalms to the Lord with praise in your hearts. In the name of Jesus Christ always give thanks to God the father". The words gave basis to a meditation on gratitude and praise. And then as a very extra and wonderful thing the group called "Musica Senza Frontiere" gave musical performances in between the readings and the meditation .  Eventually everybody was given an opportunity to light a candle for "someone you love, for someone, you miss, for someone you want to make peace with or who ever you could think of ". The service ended with The Lords Blessing, sung by the Danish choir and said in Danish language. All in all- this day in l´Eglise de la Trinite we had a small taste of how it would be in the monastery of Taize.